AlphaSeq is a multiplexed, quantitative, and versatile technology for characterizing entire protein-protein interaction networks.


AlphaSeq is a multiplexed, quantitative, and versatile platform for characterizing entire protein interaction networks in a single test tube. The technology combines breakthroughs in synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing to measure protein interaction strengths using physical interactions between yeast cells.






To begin, we build yeast libraries with proteins expressed on the cell surface.

We then mix the cells together in a test tube and let them grow.

Cells with complementary proteins stick to one another.

Once stuck, the two yeast cells fuse and combine their genetic material.

Next generation sequencing is used to measure the interaction strengths.

For a more detailed technical description of AlphaSeq, read our PNAS publication or contact us

AlphaSeq combines the throughput of a genetically encoded assay with the accuracy of a biophysical method by measuring protein interactions extracellularly, where the environment can be tightly controlled


Simultaneously characterize whole protein interaction networks:

10,000+ interactions


Measure interaction strengths with physiological relevance:

affinities from pM to µM


Characterize protein networks or screen drugs that modulate protein interaction networks

Is AlphaSeq the right technology for your application?

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