High-RESOLUTION Protein Interaction Data
at Scale

A-Alpha Bio measures millions of protein-protein interactions at a time, accelerating therapeutic discovery to improve human health.

We harness synthetic biology and machine learning to measure, predict, and engineer protein-protein interactions.

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Fueling Discoveries with High-Throughput Data and Machine Learning

Protein-protein interactions govern all of biology and are crucial for understanding and combating disease.

However, a lack of abundant and high-quality protein-protein interaction data limits our understanding and ability to treat cancers, infectious diseases, neurological diseases, and more.

A-Alpha Bio generates the high-throughput data needed to discover rare and effective antibodies, identify degradable neo-substrates, engineer protein interfaces, and fuel predictive machine learning models to further accelerate the discovery and optimization of high-impact drugs.


AlphaSeq + AlphaBind

Measuring and Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions at an Unprecedented Scale

AlphaSeq is the leading platform for quantitative and multiplexed characterization of protein-protein interactions. Leveraging synthetic biology, we have generated the largest repository of high-quality protein interaction data in the world.

AlphaBind harnesses our accumulated data to train machine learning models capable of predicting binding from protein sequence. Computational designs are measured experimentally for model validation and refinement through rapid iterations.

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Platform cycle
  • Biologics

    We discover and engineer protein therapeutics with optimal binding and developability properties
  • Molecular Glues

    We discover weakly binding protein pairs that can be strengthened by small molecule glues

We partner with leading companies and institutions who share our mission to improve human health.

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