High-RESOLUTION Protein Interaction Data
at Scale

A-Alpha Bio measures millions of protein-protein interactions at a time, accelerating therapeutic discovery and optimization.

We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to improve human health.

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Measure, Discover, Engineer

Protein-protein interactions govern all of biology and are crucial for understanding and combating disease.

However, a lack of abundant and high-quality protein-protein interaction data limits our understanding and ability to treat cancers, infectious diseases, neurological diseases, and more.

A-Alpha Bio generates the high-resolution data needed to discover rare and effective antibodies, identify degradable neo-substrates, engineer protein interfaces, and fuel predictive machine learning models to further accelerate the discovery and optimization of high-impact drugs.


Introducing AlphaSeq

Measuring Protein Interactions at a Library-on-Library Scale

AlphaSeq is the leading platform for quantitative and multiplexed characterization of protein-protein interactions.

Leveraging synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing, we are generating the largest repository of high-quality protein interaction data in the world.

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  • Antibody Discovery

    Find antibodies with the best therapeutic properties
    • Widen the discovery funnel and thoroughly characterize thousands of diverse antibodies
    • Simultaneously measure affinity, specificity, cross-reactivity, and epitope
    • Generate comprehensive data for an antibody library in just a few months
  • Molecular Glues

    Capture the potential of targeted protein degradation
    • Evaluate millions of interactions with dozens of E3 ligases to discover rare druggable pairs
    • Identify weak ligase-target interactions that are most likely compatible with degradation
    • Use mutagenesis and predictive analysis to test druggability before investing in high-throughput screening

We partner with leading companies and institutions who share our mission to improve human health.

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